CHI Acquires Stake in Cold Storage Facility

CHI Acquires Stake in Cold Storage Facility

Move is the company’s third such facility since its founding

Cash Heavy Industries announces its selection and acquisition of a nearly 0.9 m3 facility dedicated to the cold storage of comestibles and comestible-related inventory. The facility is located at CHI’s vaunted Lakeshore Labs.

“Our previous cold storage facility abruptly exited the marketplace,” said CHI line manager Erik Niemiera. “We proceeded through due diligence and selected a new vendor, LG Electronics Inc., for these necessary services.” The facility came online Tuesday and has been meeting expectations.

No material change to CHI’s income statement is expected. Q2’17 capital expenditure will be slightly higher.

Cash Heavy Industries produces a full range of hexane-based solvents for industrial applications. Contact your sales engineer for a free catalog and MSDS inserts! CHI: the height of aspiration; the depth of luxury.

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