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If Cash Heavy Industries Exists, It Exists Only in Our Hearts

This site is a complete work of bullshit. Do not believe anything you read here. This is a pet project created by someone who really has better things to be doing anyway.

Cash Heavy Industries is a fake company I’ve set up to mirror my own life. After fifteen years of either working for big companies or suing the crap out of them, I’ve seen enough to know what I hate. CHI is not real in the sense of being a full-fledged company, but it is a real thing I use as a vehicle to toot my own horn; skewer corporate life; advertise and annoy my friends; and befuddle others.

I am an attorney, but no part of this site should be construed as the views of any of my clients. Also, I obviously intend to divulge no attorney-client privileged material or attorney work product material here.

CHI is a personal art project—that’s it.

Apex Logo FinalUpdate for 2016: Same goes for Apex Airways, despite the complaints of a certainly whiny airport director. Two other airport people loved the Apex game and we were linked to by the Springfield/Branson airport’s official blog.

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  1. I’m jealous. I want one too. By the way Your People all seem to have the same name. I mean it’s a nice name, but can’t you hire someone named Mary or Suzy or Pete?

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