CHI’s Targets

Cash Heavy Industries continues to extend its presence throughout the economy.  CHI’s rapid growth, in some cases, can be maintained only by bringing other exciting companies under CHI’s umbrella of protection.

Companies CHI Intends to Acquire

  • US Airways Group.  It claims no longer to exist, but its malevolent heart burns on in the southern desert.  CHI’s enmity for this corporation is a matter of public record in courthouse files.  CHI will purchase this airline and disable its airplanes so that no more pain will be inflicted in the skies.  CHI acknowledges that nothing, nothing, however, can kill the US Airways web site.
  • Suntan Technology Co. Ltd.  “All Kinds of Capacitors.” It was founded in 1978 and now have 4 factories in mainland China with over 1500 workers.  Besides paper leaflets, Suntan have digital version for customers easier check.
  • Fertnel Snak Corporation.  Fertnel’s signature Meat Nickels are renowned in convenience stores across America.  CHI intends to add Fertnel and its Johnny B. Gouda, Joe Cow, and Lactitia suite of promotional characters to the CHI stable.
  • Near End Systems (no web site).  This fictional company has no products and no revenue and is ripe for wholesale acquisition.
  • Makao Gung: The People Pleasers!
  • Manhattan Airport.  CHI’s Transportation Division intends to acquire a controlling stake in the Manhattan Airport Foundation, which promotes a visionary agenda to develop Manhattan’s last available parcel for a major intermodal air facility.  The project study area runs from Fifth to Eighth Avenues on Manhattan Island.
  • Vectron Corporation.
  • MATTYPARK Miniature Amusement Park. MATTYPARK is an HO-Scale (1:87), miniature amusement park inspired by favorite real-world theme parks in the US and Europe. CHI sees great cross-platform synergy between MATTYPARK and its airline holdings.

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