Our Businesses

Cash Heavy Industries companies operate in sectors across the economy. Wherever you go, there is CHI. CHI will never disappoint.

Travel Services. CHI is a leading provider of financial support to the travel industry. From airlines to hotels to ground transportation, CHI is aggressively involved in funding all sectors of the travel industry. CHI also maintains a diversified portfolio of semi-liquid assets such as Delta SkyMiles, American Airlines AAdvantage Miles, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points, and many other asset facilities. CHI’s Local Transportation Division is part of this line of business and maintains relationships with bike-share and transit agencies across the United States. Until recently, CHI was the lead stakeholder in Apex Airways, the global carrier that touches you personally.

Entertainment and Theme Parks. CHI regularly partners with hit musicians like the Pet Shop Boys in live performances. CHI’s digital media holdings include contracts with Spotify, Netflix, and other global entertainment streaming providers. CHI’s Theme Parks Division engages in frequent fact-finding tours to competing parks in Florida, Gurnee, Sandusky, and other far-flung destinations to ensure that CHI understands the cutting edge of the theme park experience.

Legal Services. CHI is a provider of legal services and employment across as a dizzying array of jurisdictions and industries.

Social Networking. Cash Heavy Industries’ crucial Social Networking Division offers members an extensive digital presence for full-scale friend maintenance and interaction. Through CHI facilities, members share the latest social news, photos, and test results with each other.

Psychological Operations. CHI provides certain other services to the population at large. Operatives in this part of the Company work tirelessly to advance CHI objectives. CHI does not fail.

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