CHI Divests Stake in Real Estate Venture

CHI Says Goodbye to Ancestral Roots

Cash Heavy Industries announces it has concluded a midnight agreement to sell its 100% interest in investment property located in central Ohio. The property, formerly known as Exchange Labs, is being sold to an anonymous buyer.

“CHI got its start just a mile from the old Exchange Labs site,” said Jerry Jarvik, CHI’s Vice-President for Facilities Management. “With this sale, we release our last physical stake in our homeland Ohio region.” Cash Heavy Industries’ flagship social networking and travel-consuming services will, of course, remain available nationwide.

A former industrial brownfield site, Exchange Labs was thoroughly renovated in 2003 in a top-to-bottom remediation project that saw the removal of lead paint, asbestos, nitric acid, telephone wiring, and other materials incompatible with organic life. A green roof capped the project.

The sale, worth approximately 1262 CF, is expected to close by the end of May.

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