CHI Suffers Data Breach

Customer Relationship Management system breached; CHI offers limited support to affected

Cash Heavy Industries discloses that systems belonging to a related company, on which some CHI data was stored, were breached at an on-shore facility.  Some personally-identifying information belonging to CHI employees and customers was released.  The affected system included records relating to Customer Relationship Management.

The breach occurred in February.  CHI could not report on this incident until its investigation had been completed.  The investigation revealed that an outside contractor, known to have a history of alcoholism, left a device containing CHI data unattended at a public marine terminal for a period of time.  While the device was unattended, it was accessed by person(s) unknown who made use of a common exploit based on social engineering.  That device was recovered and is being remotely wiped today.

CHI’s Chief Data Officer, 张伟, provided this statement: “We’re sorry that an outside contractor did not employ industry-standard data security practices.  CHI’s external relationships are being reevaluated for the security and safety of all our business partners.”

CHI will offer 8 months’ free credit and social media monitoring to any person affected by the breach.  Simply go to, scroll down to the picture of a cow fetus, double-click on it, enter RODEO11 as your coupon code, enter your SSN and Chase Preferred Visa number, expiration date, billing ZIP code, CVV2 code, and await processing.

Cash Heavy Industries maintains sophisticated algorithms.

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