Situation is Contained at Lakeshore Labs

First responders treated at scene for inhalation injuries; all remaining livestock humanely slaughtered

Safety personnel evacuated CHI’s Lakeshore Labs facility today after systems failed.  Human life was never significantly endangered† during the incident.

“We regret any impact the incident had on our neighbors and their gametes,” said CHI’s Vice-President for External Affairs and Legitimate Tax Avoidance Strategies, Kate Philby.  She continued: “At this time, the facility is radiologically inert, and there is no further reason to avoid the area.  We want to thank our insurers and their reinsurers for their support at this difficult time.”

† Please note that CHI does not sell plasticizers or humectants directly to consumers and disclaims all warranties for these compounds.  Contact a local CHI supply chain depot if you experience burning of nose or throat.

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