Update on Lakeshore Labs Fire and Earthquake

CHI’s Genetic Analysis Combat Team, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Illinois Division of Liquor Control have jointly advised Chicagoans to follow these simple steps which are essential for the protection of life and safety.

  • Remain indoors unless infected.
  • Magenta flames may contain furans or other chemicals known to be persistent in the environment.   Avoid touching or collecting mineralized combustion products.
  • If domestic water supply remains connected, USE SHUT-OFF VALVES TO ELIMINATE THE FLOWS IMMEDIATELY.   Please to not use this appartus !!
  • Observe mandatory curfews.   A valid Sovinterncontrol passport or federal police credential is required for access to streets and sidewalks.
  • Shovel snow and debris within 24 hours to keep walkways clear of embers.   Avoid contact with or looking directly at embers.

Also, CHI’s General Counsel Vlad Smith issued the following statement:

Obviously, we are all deeply saddened and shaken by the tragic events of today.  CHI asks neighbors to comply with the directives of any armed personnel.  CHI technicians are working around the clock to understand the source of the seismic activity and the “burning almond syrup” smell.  Unfortunately, because of the heat, we are unable to get any reconnaisance robots into the affected sector, so we do not know when this incident will be fully contained.

A small technical delegation will soon be en route to U.S. Department of Energy facilities in Hanford, Washington for briefing and decontamination.

There is no timetable for the reconstruction of Belmont Harbor.

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